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領先的慢病管理生態 The leading ecosystem of chronic disease management

打造醫、患、藥、保等一體化慢病管理及服務平臺 Building a chronic disease management and service platform integrating hospital, patient, pharmacies and insurance

智云健康慢病管理系統馳援火神山醫院 Cloudr Health Chronic Disease Management System assisted Huoshenshan Hospital

攜手新華社半月談,共同舉辦“后疫情時代‘互聯網+醫療健康’創新發展論壇” Join hands with the Xinhua News Agency-China Comment to jointly hold the "Internet + Medical and Health Innovation Development Forum in the Post-epidemic Era"

爆發式成長 Explosive Growth

合作醫院近1000家,業務收入實現300%的增長 Close to 1,000 partner hospitals; 300% growth in revenues Team expanded with many talents from leaders in the medical and internet industries, such as Johnson & Johnson, Kanghong Pharmaceutical, and Alibaba, among others


醫院為先,進軍醫院SaaS系統 Hospital first strategy
公司進行戰略轉型,啟動醫院SaaS業務,發力服務醫院與醫生啟動醫院SaaS業務 Pivot to a SaaS-based business model, hoping to serve hospitals and doctors more systematically
公司創立 Founding

Hangzhou Kangsheng Health Management and Consulting Co., Ltd. founded.

Our mission: Leverage internet technologies to build stronger trust between doctors and patients, make healthcare more efficient and to improve the allocation of medical resources

堅持自我造血,獲得市場認可 Continuing innovation and winning recognition

拓展慢病生態鏈,全面提升技術與服務品質 Expanding the eco-chain of chronic diseases management while upgrading technologies and improving service quality

繼醫院SaaS后,智云新開發藥店SaaS系統與大數據平臺 Developing our SaaS system for pharmacies and our database

智云健康 ClouDr

智云銀川互聯網醫院成立,品牌全面升級為“智云健康” Branding upgraded to ClouDr; Yinchuan e-Clinic created.

服務范圍由糖尿病轉為整個慢病領域,與近500家醫院達成合作 Our scope expanding from diabetes to all chronic diseases; partnering with nearly 500 hospitals

核心用戶超過500萬人 Core users exceeded 5 million

掌上糖醫 APP for Diabetics
公司旗下第一款APP“掌上糖醫”問世,憑借有效與易用特性成為廣受認可的在線醫療平臺之一;11月,服務糖尿病患者突破100萬 Our first APP for diabetics launched, winning acclaim for its effectiveness and user-friendliness; by November, over 1 million diabetics were using the APP
發展歷程 Our Journey