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互聯網醫院 ClouDr Individual Solution

無紙化病情全記錄,互聯網問診、開方、拿藥一站式服務,每年上億次問診服務,智能輔助診斷研究 Paperless medical records; one-stop online service of consultation, prescription and drug purchase; enabling hundreds of millions of consultations annually and facilitating diagnostic research


智云互聯網醫院 ClouDr Individual Solution

智云健康APP ClouDr APP

智云健康APP是一款針對慢病患者的醫療健康管理軟件,幫助患者與醫生在線聯絡,實現便捷的遠程復診和拿藥,并打通零售配送,實現送藥上門,享受定制化的慢病管理方案 The ClouDr APP is a health management software tailored to those living with chronic diseases, helping them to keep in contact with doctors online and making remote follow-up visits and prescriptions a reality. Moreover, its retail and logistics capabilities have enabled chronic disease patients to enjoy home delivery of drugs and customized disease management

智云健康 ClouDr APP
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智云互聯網醫院 ClouDr Individual Solution

智云醫生APP Dr. ClouDr APP

智云醫生APP內匯聚業內權威內科教授與專家醫生合作問診,實時與廣大慢病患者在線交流互動。智云醫生APP全力幫助隨時了解患者數據,高效管理患者病情,優化診療方案,提升學術研究效率 The Dr. ClouDr APP brings together authoritative internists nationwide and real-time interaction with patients with chronic diseases. It aims to provide all-time access to patient data, efficient patient management, and optimized treatment plan, as well as facilitating academic research

智云醫生 Dr. ClouDr
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智云互聯網醫院有效性 Effectiveness of the ClouDr Individual Solution

智云健康與糖尿病權威專家及院士聯合開展多項研究,共同制訂專業慢病管理方案,其效果已被證明,嚴格依照醫生指導使用智云健康的患者 ClouDr collaborates with preeminent diabetes experts and fellows of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in multiple research projects and jointly develops professional chronic disease management plans, whose effectiveness have been proven


自我管理能力提升比對照組 Self-management capacity up


因心血管并發癥死亡風險 Risk of death from cardiovascular complications reduced


糖化血紅蛋白下降 Glycosylated hemoglobin reduced

(國外知名慢病管理平臺該數值為 0.8) (compared to 0.8 for Livongo, a renowned chronic disease management platform)

來自專業醫生的好評 Testimonials from physicians
童主任 Dr. Tong
南京市鼓樓醫院 副主任醫師 Associate Chief Physician, Gulou Hospital, Nanjing
“過去在線下,慢病患者其實是自我管理,今天看張三,明天看李四,醫生不固定,患者可能一年才去醫院一次; 在智云互聯網醫院平臺上,患者有了固定的、有資歷的醫生幫他進行病情管理, 就跟找了個‘名師’一樣,醫患之間信任度提升,患者的依從性也比較好?!?/span> Patients with chronic diseases used to be on their own, switching from one doctor to another between their annual hospital visits; on ClouDr e-Clinic, however, patients have their conditions managed on a regular basis by experienced doctors, who are like health mentors. This helps to strengthen trust between doctors and patients and improve patient compliance
付主任 Dr. Fu
江蘇省人民醫院 副主任醫師 Associate Chief Physician, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital
“醫患在智云上有問題可以隨時溝通,電子信息存儲能力非常好,我要求患者把化驗單都傳上來,咨詢時我就可以直接把信息調出來。另外我自己有一些臨床研究,有不少涉及到血糖統計的數據,我會讓跟研究相關的患者都加入智云平臺,一方面方便管理病情,一方面也能很輕松準確的進行數據分析、管理,學術研究效率大概提升了30%?!?/span> On ClouDr, patients can communicate with their doctors at any time. Thanks to the electronic data storage capacity, I ask my patients to upload all their lab results so that I can retrieve the information immediately during consultations. Besides, many of my clinical research projects involve blood sugar statistics, so I’d ask patients relevant to these research projects to join the ClouDr platform, which makes it easier to manage their conditions while enabling more convenient and accurate data analysis and management, improving my research efficiency by about 30%
張護師 Ms. Zhang
南京市鼓樓醫院 主管護師 Charge Nurse, Gulou Hospital, Nanjing
“我們在院內對患者進行血糖監測后,智云平臺可以自動識別和上傳信息,極大降低了護士工作的出錯率。這些準確的數據分析,對醫護人員進行學術研究,了解整個病區控制情況都非常好。而在院外,通過智云互聯網醫院也可以幫助醫院與門診患者建立長期粘性?!?/span> After monitoring the blood sugar of patients in hospital, the information can be automatically identified and uploaded by the ClouDr platform, significantly reducing error rate. These accurate data analyses help medical professionals in their academic research and keep them updated with all their patients’ conditions. Outside the hospital, ClouDr hospital also makes long-term relationships between hospitals and out-patients visitors possible