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全新的一站式慢病解決方案 Innovative one-stop chronic disease solutions
院內院外一體化、線上線下一體化、三甲醫院與社區醫院一體化 In-hospital and out-of-hospital services integrated; online and offline services integrated; top-tier hospitals and community clinics integrated
多方位提升護理工作的準確性及效率 All-round improvement of accuracy and efficiency of nursing
運用智能化、數字化、模塊化、定制化的院內管理系統替代傳統檢測流程,為醫院提供安全、優質、高效、精準的服務 Replacing traditional lab test processes with intelligent, digital, modular and customized management system to provide safe, high-quality, efficient and precise services for hospitals
  • 監測任務生成 Create a monitoring task

    醫囑智能解析,自動拆分生成檢測任務 Smart analysis of doctor’s directions and automatic creation of testing tasks

  • 掃碼識別身份Scan to verify patient ID

    通過掃描患者二維碼對患者進行身份識別 Identify patients by scanning QR code

  • 數據權限管理 Data authority management

    通過對數據的權限分類,院內醫護可隨時隨地查看對應患者的血糖數據 Based different data permissions,doctors and nurses can check blood sugar data of patients in the system

  • 數據實時傳輸 Transfer data in real-time

    檢測結果通過藍牙、WIFI自動傳輸至移動端及服務器 Automatic transfer of results to mobile terminals and servers via Bluetooth or WiFi



Timely feedback of alerts Multi-dimensional statistics and data analysis



Fluctuations of disease indicators made easy to grasp by multi-dimensional analysis Organic integration and comprehensive analysis of chronic disease data

Ward rounds made via intelligent terminals


Various intelligent mobile terminals make ward rounds visual and interactive

Data retrieval on the cloud


Doctors and nurses can retrieve the historical data of patients in the system in real time

智云醫匯 SaaS 已切入極具壁壘的主流慢病醫院,醫生、患者會員數量高速增長,平臺優勢顯現
Our SaaS system has made its way into many of the most prominent medical centers for chronic diseases. Memberships among doctors and patients are surging. Its advantages as a platform are becoming apparent
  • 醫護人員 Healthcare professionals

    無紙化辦公,提升診療效率 Going paperless increases efficiency

    優化POCT檢測流程 Optimized POCT test process

    支持醫生進行臨床科研 Clinical research for doctors

  • 科室 Departments

    標準、自動化流程降低醫療風險 Standard and digitized treatment process with lower risks

    增加患者會診率 Higher consultation rate

    建立品牌效應 Brand-building

  • 醫院管理 Hospital management

    全院血糖規范化管理 Standardizing blood sugar management

    促進醫院信息化建設 Catalyzing IT application in hospital

    支持醫聯體/分級診療 Supporting medical partnerships / hierarchical medical treatment

智云醫匯SaaS服務遍及全國 Nationwide penetration of ClouDr SaaS